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At Siding & Windows by Tim Cahill, we treat you like family. We are a family owned and operated roofing, windows, doors and siding services company providing quality home improvement options to homeowners throughout the Monmouth County area for more than 30 years.

When you want a home improvement contractor who gives you an honest assessment of your needs, who returns your phone calls, who arrives promptly to work and always wipes his feet at the front door, you want Siding & Windows by Tim Cahill. Why? Because your home matters.

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The Unsung Benefits Of A Portico Over Your Home’s Entryway

The Unsung Benefits Of A Portico Over Your Home’s Entryway

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The humble portico, that under-appreciated covering above your front door, has a rich history in ancient and classical architecture. Porticos have their roots in Greece, where they served as the entrance to temples, and have been featured in some of the most memorable landmarks in the world – from the Greek Parthenon to the Roman Pantheon and the United States Capitol! These days, porticos grace the front doors of homes in suburbs everywhere, in styles ranging from rustic to modern, short to towering, narrow to sprawling the full length of a porch. If the last time you thought of your…

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tim cahill

I’m Tim Cahill and I promise to give you an honest assessment of your needs, return your phone calls and always wipe my feet at the front door!

Hi Tim,

I wanted to thank you again for the great work you and your crew performed to beautify our home with new siding (and new doors, electric work, etc. as we threw a few curveballs at you!). The speed the team worked at and overall quality work performed resulted in a completely pleasurable and positive experience for me and my family.

I’ve heard of too many contracting nightmares and was leery (as most folks are) when it came to placing my trust and most valuable asset with someone. And, as a sales executive, I’ve come across too many people that over-promise, under-deliver and cut corners to win business. THANK YOU for eliminating those thoughts within minutes, quickly earning my trust and over-delivering across the board.

Our house looks beautiful…and you’re coming back to do our deck next! Thanks again for all!

Anthony Ciani