3 Patio Door Styles That Look Great And Improve Your Home

By July 7, 2017June 9th, 2018Doors
3 Patio Door Styles That Look Great And Improve Your Home

Doors and windows can make a huge impact on the beauty, comfort and functionality of your home. And when you combine doors with windows into the patio styles we’re about to tell you about here, you can create stunning effects that not only look great but make it so easy to get into and out of your house that you’ll almost forget they’re separate spaces.

Windows – and the doors that ensconce them – play a unique role in your home. They can be seen from both the inside and outside, which means you can appreciate them whether you’re relaxing with a book on the sofa or lounging on the patio near the pool.

They make it easy to move through your home, whether you’re going for an afternoon stroll or serving dinner alfresco.

And they add a style and personality to your home that both complements the architecture and serves as a focal point for added curb appeal.

From the colors to the textures and design, there are myriad ways to customize a patio door to suit your home. Here are three popular styles and how they can contribute to your home’s beauty and function.

Sliding Patio Doors

They’re pretty common, and so is the frustration of opening them. We bet you’ve experienced “the sticking door” at least once. And it’s probably when you’ve got a tray of cocktails in your hand, trying to balance them as you yank on the door handle so you can serve your guests.

If that’s become a common experience at your house, it’s time to consider a new door! High quality patio doors like Therma-Tru and Andersen are designed to glide smoothly for trouble-free utility.

Sliding doors are ideal when space is at a premium. You don’t need any swing-room to open them and they can remain opened or closed without getting in anyone’s way.

But as functional as they are, you still want them to look great. After all, this is the door you’re going to view whenever you spend time on your deck or in your yard, and it’s the one most likely to grace your living room, kitchen, or a main sitting room.

Today’s sliding patio doors come in so many styles that your only problem is going to be choosing your favorite. Andersen alone has over 50 exterior colors, and once you’re done choosing one, you can customize the interior color, too.

The highest quality doors are made of fiberglass, vinyl or aluminum on the outside and can be combined with natural wood on the inside to suit your decorating style. Adding grills and trim can enhance your door’s style and the perfect hardware adds the finishing touches.

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French Doors

Much like sliding doors, French doors offer you all the flexibility of color and style options with the added benefit of their unique architectural beauty.

They can be Fiberglass or wood, painted or stained, dual or triple paned. They can even be configured to swing in or out depending on your needs. If you want to maintain maximum patio space, choose inward swinging doors. Or, if delivering cocktails is your priority, doors can swing outward for easy exit.

As with sliding doors, you can add finishing touches with grills, trim and hardware. And as an added bonus, you can choose door styles with cordless blinds enclosed between the glass panes. This is an ideal option if you want the comfort of privacy without the hassle of dusting blinds! They’re also helpful for reducing sun glare and protecting your interior furnishings from UV rays.

Want a little 'Je ne sais quoi'? Check out our French door styles!

Folding Patio Doors

When you really want to blur the line between the inside and outside of your home, folding doors are a great option. They’re a beautiful wall of windows when closed, and fold essentially out of sight when open. They’re versatile enough to be configured to open from the left, right or center, depending on your needs.

Just as their sliding and French door cousins, folding doors can be customized to suit your color and style preferences. They’re typically made with a wood interior protected by an aluminum exterior, can be fit with optional retracting screens and are available in beautiful finish options like satin, stone, distressed and more.

From traditional to contemporary, up to 48 feet wide and 10 feet tall, these doors will really help you make a statement.

If you enjoy spending time inside and out, and if you’re looking for a way to beautify your home while making it more functional at the same time, consider how one of these patio door styles can make a difference.

If you’d like help choosing one, whether to replace an old, unappealing or “sticky” door, or to put in a new door where you always wished you had one, get in touch with us for a free consultation. We’ll visit your home, tell you about your options and provide a free quote for installing the perfect door for your home and lifestyle.