5 Signs It’s Time To Call A Home Improvement Contractor This Spring

By April 25, 2018December 29th, 2018Home Improvements
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When spring hits New Jersey, so does the realization that there’s a whole lot of work to be done on your house! As days get warmer and you get outside for a chance to look around, you start to notice the projects you put off since last year, along with the dings and dents that winter put into your home.

One day, you come home from grocery shopping or dropping the kids off at baseball practice, and as you pull into the driveway you wonder, “Who lives HERE? Oh, wait…”

Ok, even if it’s not that bad yet, these are some surefire signs that you should call your home improvement contractor. Your curb appeal and the lifespan of your home will thank you.

1. You Tell People Not To Walk On Certain Parts Of Your Deck Or Lean On The Railing

This is a great sign that it’s time for some serious repairs, and probably a replacement. Especially if you have kids or if you spend time outdoors grilling, entertaining, or just relaxing on your deck, one that is rotting or unstable can put a real damper on your plans.

Even if your old deck is in ok condition, do you really want to spend another summer sanding, staining and maintaining it (or nagging the nearest family member to do it for you?)

Make this the year you replace that old relic with a brand new composite deck. They’re forgiving when it comes to spills from grills or even pets, they won’t splinter or crack and pose a hazard to delicate feet, and you can get away with a bit of soap and water to keep them looking new.

2. Your House Is All Abuzz

And we don’t mean abuzz with excitement. If you’ve got a buzzing problem, then you’ve got a bee problem, and that can likely be blamed on your siding.

You don’t need an exterminator. You need new siding! We know, it’s hard to part with your beloved cedar shake siding. It’s so natural and rustic… and a haven for bees, termites and other critters.

Worse, bees and bugs lay eggs in wood, and those eggs make great meals for woodpeckers. As anyone who has listened to a bird drill holes in the side of their house knows, none of that is much fun.

If you’ve got bees living in your siding and posing a danger to you and your family, consider that it might be time to replace your cedar with vinyl. But we don’t mean any old vinyl. Go for vinyl shake, a much more durable, lower maintenance cousin of cedar. Its varied patterns and rich colors can give you the naturalistic, rustic look you prefer, with all the benefits and ease of vinyl.

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3. Your Windows Are Misbehaving

Fog. Ghosts. Guillotines.

No, it’s not Halloween. We’re talking about old windows, the kind that probably let a draft in all winter and will soon be letting your cool air out all summer.

This is the time of year when old windows get noticed, because it’s most often when people finally get around to spring cleaning them. The problem is that they don’t quite look clean, do they? No matter how much scrubbing you do, a window that is a victim of glass failure will always look foggy. That’s because they’ve been damaged and moisture has seeped between the panes.

And that’s saying nothing of the ghosts and guillotines. Old windows can manifest many problems.

There’s the window that sticks and never seems to want to open, and the one that slams shut when it feels like it – hence, the guillotine.

There are windows that rattle and windows that hoot like an owl in a haunted tree as wind gusts past them.

And then there are more subtle signs of aging windows, like the increasing noise level in your home. You’re not getting old and impatient, you’re just noticing sounds more now that your windows aren’t doing their job of keeping them out.

4. You Have A New Favorite Color

This one admittedly sounds a little strange. It’s one thing to replace a broken deck railing or a leaky window, but would you really change doors or siding because of a color?

Well, if you got a new job (or an amazing promotion in your current one), have been through a major life change, or haven’t done a home improvement project in a long time, then… maybe!

Home design trends change, so that beige siding that was so popular a decade ago may not be as right for your home and neighborhood as the new, more popular earthy greens.

*You* change, too. That new job, promotion, or life event can cause a real shift in your attitude and personal preferences. The brown door that suited you perfectly five years ago is screaming to be replaced with one in red with lots of side light windows.

The fact is, your home improvement project may not be necessary to replace broken, damaged or bedraggled parts. But it may be necessary to match how you feel in your home now as opposed to some time in the past.

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5. You Survived The Winter

Winter – especially a storm-ridden one like the one we just had – can do a number on your home’s exterior. It’s also not the ideal time to start replacing roofs, windows, doors and siding. So if you’re like most people, you wait it out until you can assess the damage and take action.

If your roof is a bit worse for the wear after the intensive winds, don’t wait for a major leak. And if you have a leak, don’t wait at all! It could be time to seriously consider replacing your ailing roof with high definition shingles. They last longer than traditional 3-tab shingles and can withstand winds up to 120 miles per hour, which is twice as much as typical shingles.

They’re also incredibly strong, which makes them far less prone to warping and leaking.

But roofs aren’t the only things that suffer during winter. Ice, falling branches and drastic temperature changes can take a toll on siding, too. If you’ve stepped foot outside for the first time this spring for an assessment of your home and you see broken, cracked, or dislodged siding, it’s time to repair or replace.

Don’t wait for bees, termites and even mold and mildew to seep into the structure of your home.

If this spring has you feeling less-than-springy when you look at your home’s exterior, let us help! Get in touch for a free assessment and estimate to repair or replace windows, siding, roofing, doors or decks. We’ll visit your home and take a careful look so we can point out any warning signs that you may need to address.

And through winds or rains or bright sunny days, we’ll always wipe our feet at your door!