5 Ways Your Windows Are Begging You To Replace Them

By August 11, 2017June 9th, 2018Windows
windows before replacing

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While you’re going about your business day to day, whether it’s work or play, entertaining friends or enjoying time with family, watching TV or working on your Great American Novel, you’re probably not thinking much about your windows. But once in a while they make themselves known in some very obvious ways, and when that happens it means only one thing: time to replace them!

Here are five ways that ailing windows act out and let you know in no uncertain terms that they’ve thrown in the towel.

The Guillotine

It’s a balmy summer day and you think it would be great to get some fresh air into the house. You pull up the blinds and see the trees swaying in a gentle breeze. You open the window, looking forward to a breath of fresh summer air.

Then SLAM! The instant you let go, the window bangs down like a guillotine and you just thank your lucky stars that your fingers or the cat wasn’t in the way. Sometimes a window that insists on sliding down can be repaired but lots of times it means something has gone wrong and the window should be replaced. And if yours hits the sill with any force, then you’re risking shattered glass or broken bones.

If your windows exhibit this behavior and especially if it’s been happening for a while, listen to what they’re telling you and let them retire peacefully!

Ghosts In The Window

On a stormy fall day, you’re huddled in your living room watching scary movies when there’s a sudden rattling sound behind you. You turn around but there’s nobody there. Just as the heroine of the movie is about to walk backwards into the room where the guy with the axe is hiding, you hear it again. You’re alone – so could it be ghosts?

More likely it’s an ailing window clattering in the wind. Old windows that are loose in their frames have lost their weather sealing. On top of the noise, that also means drafty windows, and that’s bad for your comfort and bad for your energy bills. It’s also pretty disconcerting during scary movies, so unless you really do have ghosts, your windows shouldn’t rattle.

If your windows behave like ghouls, it’s time to give them a sendoff into the great beyond and replace them with something new, well-sealed and energy-efficient.

Got spooky windows? Get a free estimate to replace them.

The Stubborn Mule

If you’ve ever tried to get a three-year old out of the sandbox or a teenager out of bed, then you know what it’s like to budge the unbudgable. The day that you feel the same way about your windows is the day it’s time to replace them.

You know what we mean – you shove and push and push and shove but they’re not going anywhere. Maybe you get them open a few inches or pop a blood vessel trying. On older windows, that usually means a balance problem with the mechanism that holds the window panel in place. It could also mean the windows have swelled so much in the humidity that they’re stuck in place.

Neither is a good sign. Whether they’re past their prime or improperly installed, windows that don’t open and close easily aren’t doing their job and should be fired immediately.

Pea Soup

Ever look through your window at the flower garden and rub your eyes to clear the fog? Or maybe you brought an umbrella to work because it looked like a misty day, but when you stepped outside you realized it was a lovely morning?

Most likely, you tried to do a little housekeeping and spent way too long with a rag, Googling tricks to clean cloudy windows (and using a lot of vinegar in the process), all to no avail.

It’s not your eyesight and you haven’t had too much wine. Your window is just a victim of glass failure. That happens when the thermal seal in double-pane windows breaks and subsequently fails to keep condensation from collecting between the glass. Air and water trapped between panes can cause everything from a foggy appearance to a snowflake-like look. Rivulets of water may begin to slide, making it almost appear to be raining.

When that happens, you’re probably also losing money to higher energy costs. Time to let those windows be water under a bridge and replace them with something new.

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The Escape Artist

Nothing should be getting in or out through your windows unless you want it to! But that doesn’t mean your windows aren’t conspiring behind your back – or right in front of your face – to make that happen.

Damaged weatherstripping or warped frames mean drafts. It also means that you’re losing precious heat in winter and cool air in summer. During spring rains or fall hurricane season, you might just find yourself with a bucket and mop as water leaks through. Windows that don’t close properly can even let other things in, like pollen and seasonal allergens.

And here’s something you may not expect to leak through your windows – sound! If the neighborhood kids suddenly sound very loud, or the traffic on the street is keeping you awake at night, chances are your windows are part of the problem.

So if you suspect that your windows are leaking anything from air to water to noise – and cash as you pay for escalating energy bills – take heed and replace them.

If you’ve noticed your windows behaving in any of the ways we’ve mentioned here, contact us and let us know. We’ll visit your home and provide you with a free consultation and estimate for replacing them. We know exactly how to deal with misbehaving windows and will make sure we put them in their place!

windows after replacing

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