High Definition Isn’t Just For TV. It’s Also Great For Your Roof.

By November 23, 2015June 9th, 2018Roofing
High Definition Isn't Just For TV. It's Also Great For Your Roof.

Remember when you thought the picture on your TV screen looked just fine? Then High Definition televisions hit the scene with beautifully crisp images and you wondered how you ever watched that old, grainy picture before?

Well, get ready for HD roofing near you! Although it’s actually been around for a lot longer than HD TVs, it’s gaining popularity more and more as homeowners spend more time nesting and want to express their style through the architecture of their homes. But high definition roofing (also referred to as “dimensional shingles” and even “architectural shingles”) does more than just look great.

Here’s what high definition roofing means and why it may be a great choice for you.

What Is A Dimensional Shingle?

Dimensional shingles are basically amped up asphalt shingles. Rather than laying flat in a typical “3-tab” style, they are layered on top of each other to create – you guessed it – a 3D effect.

Where regular shingles create a repetitive pattern, dimensional shingles adopt the more natural coloring and configuration of cedar shingles. For those of you who love the traditional look of wood, you can simulate that with all the convenience and functionality of a modern roof.

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High definition roofing also comes in different styles, colors and shapes, from rounded edges to a nice replication of terracotta.

Beyond just looking great, though, why would you spend the extra cash on these specialty shingles? Well, it turns out there’s even more to them than pleases the eye!

dimensional roofing timberline

Dimensional or Architectural Shingles come in myriad colors to perfectly fit your home’s style.

Longer Lifespan

A new roof is no small investment, whatever the materials you choose. Once your project is completed, wouldn’t it be nice to know you don’t have to worry about your roof again for a very long time – if ever?

Dimensional shingles are made of more durable material than regular shingles and can have a lifespan up to 50 years. Now that’s a roof you can pass down to your kids.

In fact, the minimum expected lifespan for these architectural shingles is 25 years whereas the typical 3-tab shingle is typically warrantied for only 15-30.

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More Durable

Not only do they last longer but because they are made of thicker material, the heavier grades can withstand winds up to 120 miles per hour. On the other hand, 3-tab shingles are typically rated up to 60 miles per hour. For New Jersey residents still suffering the effects of Hurricane Sandy, this is a pretty big advantage.

And since the material is strong, they are less likely to warp, which means they continue to look great throughout the years and are less likely to lead to leaks and water damage.

Increases The Value Of Your Home

A great roof can add significant curb appeal to your home. Where a typical roof may only grab attention when it’s looking rather run down, a roof finished with architectural shingles will be immediately noticeable as an aesthetic asset.

Dimensional shingles can even hide imperfections in the roofing structure. Their presence can increase the value of your home and are considered such an asset that many new home developments require them as part of the construction.

The layers, colors and textures of dimensional shingles look great, perform better and last longer than the roofing you may be used to. Yes, they cost more, but they pay for themselves in their advantages over 3-tab shingles. So if you’re interested in a great looking roof with the added performance benefits, contact us for a free estimate.