What Does Your Home’s Exterior Say About You?

By November 21, 2017June 9th, 2018Home Improvements
What Does Your Home’s Exterior Say About You?

Are you adventurous? Bold? Creative? Conservative? And did you know that these character traits are written on your home’s walls, in its windows and doors and by the colors and shapes you choose?

They say you can’t judge a book by its cover but there’s no doubt that everyone from passersby to family and visitors are measuring you up by the size and shape of your cultured stone.

You may think that selecting a vinyl siding or door option is a matter of budget or simply taste, but your home’s exterior can say a lot about your own values and personality. Next time you pick up that home improvement catalog or browse the siding samples your contractor left behind, consider how your choices will reflect a bit of you to the outside world.

siding and door colorsYour Colorful Personality

Color has a strong psychological impact and reflects everything from your overall personality to your daily mood. And while you can’t change the hue of your siding from green to blue if you’re having a particularly glum day, you can affect perceptions of you by choosing certain colors to represent your home.

One of the simplest – and most effective – ways to put your personal stamp on your home is in your choice of front door color. Studies in psychology and of homeowners themselves have turned up patterns in color choices. For example, red is a bold choice, signaling an adventurous and outgoing nature. It says, “Someone lives here who isn’t afraid to be heard!”

White implies simplicity, cleanliness and even a highly organized individual. Black conveys seriousness, yellow cheerfulness, green a relaxed and easy-going nature.

While you may have chosen a different color for your door in the past, making a change means making a statement about who you are today. For instance, did you know that homes with blue doors tend to house more successful people? It makes sense when you consider that psychologically speaking, blue is the color of thinkers and planners, which often correlates with success.

So however you’re feeling at this moment in your life and whatever you want to tell the world, remember that it can be as bright or as subtle as the color of your own front door.

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window shapesThe Eyes Of Your Home

You may have heard windows referred to as the “eyes” of your home. Whether you’re peering out or someone is gazing into the soul of your home, window shapes can make a statement about your personality, too.

Bet you think of windows as mostly square or rectangular, don’t you? But there are other shapes to choose, some as accents, some as focal points.

Round windows can be a surprising and dynamic addition to your home, especially when used as a focal point. Depending on the design of your home and the trim and accents you choose, round windows can go from ultra-modern to decidedly traditional and tell the world that you’re both sophisticated and have a distinctive style.

Half-round windows are typically favored as accents over doors, above square or rectangular windows, in dormers, and even as focal points in master bedrooms, large living spaces and breakfast nooks. Again, depending on how you choose to use them, they can add an antique charm below roof peaks, or make a bold, modern statement when chosen as a centerpiece for a sitting area.

Less common shapes like octagons, hexagons and trapezoids are more likely to draw attention than their more widely used counterparts, which can really make your house stand out among its companions on the block. Choosing daring shapes reflects that aspect of your personality – an aptitude for the dramatic, a natural openness and a willingness to explore possibilities.

stone sidingPlaying With Texture

Like colors and shapes, textures can have individual connotations and meanings, but some patterns recur when it comes to associating certain textures with certain attributes.

Smooth textures, for example, denote everything you imagine smooth to be – suave, clever, ingenious. Choosing a smooth stone accent, like a river rock façade for example, can highlight this aspect of your personality.

Rough textures, rather than being the opposite of smooth, imply natural, down to earth, or even rustic. Again, stone choice is a good example of how you can incorporate a naturalistic element into your home’s design.

Ledgestone is a great example of a rough-textured stone façade that complements vinyl nicely to create a visually distinctive look. The irregular edges of Ledgestone add to the textural effect by creating places where light and shadow can play and change with the sunlight.

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How Does Your Home Reflect You?

The best part about designing your home improvement project is that there are no right answers, only creative choices that reflect your personal style. You can make a statement and you can evoke common emotions and perceptions, but that doesn’t mean you’re bound by rules of color, shape, texture, pattern or anything else.

Mixing and matching elements – combining smooth with rough textures, for example, or including a bright blue door with subdued white vinyl – can create entirely different effects than each element alone. Or if you’re more of a minimalist, perhaps you want a more uniform look.

And of course, your choices should be cohesive with your home’s architecture. You probably don’t want New England clapboard on your modernist Frank Gehry-style house!

Choosing exterior elements for your home, from the siding to the windows, doors, porch railing, trim and even shutters, can be a fun way to express yourself and design a home that makes the neighbors a little jealous.

If you’re thinking of starting a home improvement project and wonder what colors, textures, façades, styles and accents are available, get in touch and let us know. We’ll visit your home for a free estimate and provide you with samples that you can see, touch and experience so you can find the perfect option for you and your home.