It’s Time For A Summer Home Checkup!

By July 2, 2015September 21st, 2018Home Improvements
It's Time For A Summer Home Checkup!

When the sun shines and the trees bloom, that’s when it’s time to give your home a good exterior checkup. After a long, cold, icy wet winter, there’s plenty that can start to fall apart so now is the time to consider those improvements and repairs that you may have put off before.

And now that you’re outdoors more, I bet you notice those imperfections even more. Here’s the short list of things to look for so you know where to start with your home improvements.

Check Your Gutters

If you don’t have leaf protection, your gutters could be a pretty big clogged mess. And even with leaf protection, this past winter was a rough one so you may find things that are broken or need a bit of repair.

Why now? Because rain season is coming sooner than you think – in the autumn when things get drizzly and hurricanes or the remnants of them blow through. And judging by the way this season has gone so far, the rain isn’t waiting for the fall!

Keeping your gutters clean prevents a host of problems, from icicles in the winter, which are both dangerous to you and your family and a weight problem for the structure of your house, to water damaging the paint and siding of your house and even flowing into walls to wreck havoc with your home’s interior.

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Check Your Patio Doors

During the summer patio doors get the most use as we move from home to yard and perhaps pool, deck or grill.

That’s when the creaking, squeaking, sticking problems of old or overused doors become very noticeable. When your patio doors don’t function well they only put a barrier between you and enjoying the outdoors.

So if yours are showing their age it’s the perfect time to consider replacing them.

Check Your Storm Doors

If you don’t have a storm door, this is a great time to install one. A storm door can protect your main front door and keep it looking great, and also provide energy savings come fall and winter as it helps to insulate your home better.

But even if you already have a storm door, take stock. This is the time of year that many people replace glass with screens to let some fresh air into their homes. Some storm doors even come as a “two in one” with glass that slides down into the bottom half of the door to allow the screen to do its job on top.

But if you find that your screens – or doors – are a little worse for the wear this year, consider replacing them so you can enjoy the fresh air now and be prepared for better protection and insulation when the seasons change again.

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Check Your Siding

Spring and summer are the ideal times to replace siding on your home, and that’s not only because it’s a lot nicer working outside in warm weather!

Vinyl siding expands and contracts depending on the temperature so as the temperature drops, the siding begins to contract. That means that if vinyl is installed during the coldest months when it’s at its most contracted, expansion during summer can cause warping and buckling.

So while it’s not impossible to replace siding during the winter, warmer weather is a better bet.

If your siding (or doors, windows or roof) needs to be repaired or replaced, let us know. We’ll come out to your home, take a look and provide you with our best advice and a free estimate.