The Perfect Time To Start Your Home Improvement Project Is…

By August 17, 2016June 9th, 2018Home Improvements
The Perfect Time To Start Your Home Improvement Project Is…

Remember how you felt in April? Spring had just begun and summer days stretched before you, promising family, fun, time spent outdoors… and those home improvement projects waiting on your list, collecting dust.

Now fall is fast approaching. Where did the time go? What’s worse is that somehow, yet again, those projects didn’t get done.

But don’t worry that they’ll have to wait another year or beat yourself up for letting the spring and summer slip by. We’ve got some good news for you, because the best time to install vinyl siding, and replace roofing, windows and doors is right around the corner – fall!

Back To Routine

Everyone is home from vacation and back to work and school, which is perfect for getting new siding, roofing, windows, doors and even decks installed.

Those summer plans can be a blast, but they’re also disruptive and pose a challenge when making time for home improvement projects. Honestly, no one should blame you that you chose a day at the water park or a weekend at the beach rather than fixing that nasty window draft that was so easy to forget in balmy weather.

But now, with the memories made, there will be far fewer disruptions. You’re back, you’re refreshed, and you’re ready to start thinking more seriously about the home in which you will be nesting during the coming winter months. If you play it right, you can tell everyone that you didn’t procrastinate – you were simply waiting for the best time to start!

Moving Inside

As temperatures start to drop, your yard is no longer needed for fun in the sun. Again, that makes it perfect for the would-be procrastinator.

There’s nothing worse than the clutter than comes with a home improvement project when you’re trying to enjoy your outdoor space, especially when it’s littered around the children’s play area and your brand new patio furniture.

In the fall, outdoor recreation places become home improvement spaces. A crew can come in and take care of outdoor projects like windows, roofs and siding while moving freely around your yard, getting it done much more quickly and with less disruption for everyone.

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Cool Is Good

Although our brains tend to kick into gear during warm weather, at least when it comes to home improvement projects, it turns out that fall weather is even better for projects like vinyl siding installation.

Vinyl expands and contracts in temperature extremes, making it more of a challenge to install properly without risking the buckling and shifting that occurs when temperatures change. Fall’s moderate temperatures and lower humidity make it a great time to install siding and ensure that it looks great all year long, for years and years to come.

Weather Can Get Rough

Yes, fall weather can be mild and pleasant but the hard driving rains and winds of hurricane season, and winter ice and snow accumulation are sure to follow. It’s easy to overlook drafty windows during warm weather or leaking roofs on sunny days, but that doesn’t mean they’ve gone away.

If you have drafty windows and doors, or a roof in need of repair, fall is the best time to take care of them — before all of that nasty stuff has a chance to move indoors with you.

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Speaking Of Snow

With December comes snow – and holidays! And with holidays come family and friends to gather once again, only this time around hearth and home.

While you may want that hearth to be warm and welcoming, the holiday season won’t be the time to start fixing it if it’s cold and drafty. Everyone wants their home to be warm, welcoming and – admit it! – beautiful when family comes to call.

By the time you start lamenting the drafts and shabby siding this December, it really will be too late to do anything about it… but fall? It’s perfect.

Now Is The Time

It’s so easy to think you have a lot of it, but just look at how the summer whizzed by us. We get busy and think we’ll have more time next week or next month.

Fall is fast approaching. Before you know it, winter will be here and your home improvement projects will still be on your list collecting dust next spring.

It’s time.

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