The Care And Cleaning Of Gutters

By September 22, 2015June 10th, 2018Roofing
The Care And Cleaning Of Gutters

Gutters on your home are designed to direct water away from the foundation and protect your house from water damage. But gutters can only do their job when water can flow freely through them.

In the fall, clogged gutters become one of the most common homeowner problems and even though it’s a relatively simple one to solve, many people either don’t think about it or get too busy and don’t take care of it until it’s too late.

These are a few problems that can result from clogged gutters and how you can keep them from affecting your home.

Mold And Water Damage

When gutters can’t move water away from your house, the water still has to go somewhere. That “somewhere” usually means into your house. Water can leak beneath siding and into walls, wrecking havoc with your attic space and even your basement where you may not notice a problem until it’s already out of control.

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Mold in walls and within the structure of your home can be difficult to get rid of, require tearing out contaminated sheetrock and other elements, and cost a lot of money.

Especially in the fall when the weather tends to be cooler and wetter, it can be even more difficult to get those moldy areas dry. And mold can really be disastrous for the health of your home and your family. It can trigger everything from allergies to asthma to memory loss and it’s tricky to remove. Even the slightest bit of mold overlooked or the smallest damp spot left can cause another outbreak.

If that sounds like a problem you don’t want to have, the solution is pretty simple: clean out your gutters!

If you’re comfortable on a ladder you can get up and pull the leaves and debris out and then flush them out with a garden hose to be sure water is flowing freely. Not big on DIY? Call a pro. Gutter cleaning is typically inexpensive, especially when you consider the alternative.

Sagging Gutters

If your gutters become too clogged, the weight of all that debris may actually cause them to separate from the house. If that happens, the result is not entirely different than if they had been attached to the house – you’ll still end up with water where it shouldn’t be – but it will be compounded by damage to the fascia and siding.

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Believe it or not, water is one of the most damaging elements, even more so than fire, because it is so ubiquitous and insidious. From leaky pipes to leaky siding, water can enter your home in myriad ways and leave you with paint damage, cracks in the foundation, damage to windows and siding and of course the dreaded mold and rot.

The good news is that gutters don’t have to be the source of your angst. A twice-yearly cleaning will keep them in good shape and prevent a whole lot of headaches in most cases. If you live beneath a lot of trees you may want to clean them more often or consider screens to prevent leaves from getting into the downspouts.

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