The Unsung Benefits Of A Portico Over Your Home’s Entryway

By April 4, 2017June 9th, 2018Home Improvements
The Unsung Benefits Of A Portico Over Your Home’s Entryway

The humble portico, that under-appreciated covering above your front door, has a rich history in ancient and classical architecture. Porticos have their roots in Greece, where they served as the entrance to temples, and have been featured in some of the most memorable landmarks in the world – from the Greek Parthenon to the Roman Pantheon and the United States Capitol!

These days, porticos grace the front doors of homes in suburbs everywhere, in styles ranging from rustic to modern, short to towering, narrow to sprawling the full length of a porch. If the last time you thought of your portico was… well, never, then it’s time to show some love to this worthy bit of construction. It’s more than just an accessory and has a couple of unsung benefits that may surprise you.

Porticos Protect Your Home

You know what happens to your hardwood floors and sofa cushions when they sit long enough in the sunlight coming through your living room windows? Especially if you’ve got older windows, the sun’s UV rays will eventually fade wood floors, furniture, fabrics and upholstery.

Now imagine what happens to your front door – in direct outdoor sunlight season after season. It doesn’t take long before your door and porch begin to fade, even warp or crack under the heat.

A portico is designed to shield your door and porch from those UV rays, not only to protect it from the brutal, beating sun but to keep other elements at arm’s length – like rain, snow, and mud. That’s good news for your pocket book, since you’ll be protecting your investment in your front door and porch.

And it’s good news for your interior, because with a drier, cleaner entryway you’re less likely to track messy and damaging water and muck into your house. So the next time you pause to shake off your umbrella before entering your home, or wipe your feet on a mat with a sheltering roof over your head, thank the portico for its service.

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Porticos Add Value

You’ve probably been told not to judge a book by its cover. But we bet you do anyway! Admit it – you love a great design, a little pizzaz, and you’re more inclined to pick a book up off the shelf if it appeals to your eyeballs. When it comes to books, covers really do matter. Good designs correlate with more sales, regardless of content. Believe it or not, this is perfectly applicable to your home.

But instead of book covers, we’re talking about curb appeal – the immediate visual impression that your home gives a visitor. Curb appeal is what makes someone do the equivalent of pick a book up off the shelf. It entices them to want to see more of your home. And your portico is a direct part of that.

It creates a focal point and welcomes people into your home. It shows that details matter, from the trim to the lighting that you hang beneath it. And it can change with the seasons: think holiday garlands, strings of white lights or leafy vines.

So whether you expect to sell your home or simply want to enjoy it for all it’s worth, your portico is quite literally the doorway to a beautiful experience.

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Porticos Give Your Home Personality

You take time to choose the furnishings inside your home. Tables, curtains, artwork. If you’ve remodeled a room, you may have chosen counter tops, flooring and paint colors. Why wouldn’t you put the same care into the exterior of your home. We bet you would!

Whether you do it consciously or not, everything you choose is a small reflection of your personality, from the shade of blue to the shape of the tile. Your portico is no exception. Round columns or square, slender or broad, stately or squat, textured or smooth. Your choices are part of what makes you – and your home – unique.

What do you want yours to say about you when family, friends and guests come to call?

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