Window Replacement Leads To Lower Bills And More Efficient Energy Usage

By March 19, 2014June 10th, 2018Windows
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When it comes to adding value to your home, few improvements rank higher than window replacement. They can give your home a fresh new look, and they add to your ROI. But total window replacement gives your home more than just a face-lift; it can lower your energy usage, which in turn leads to lower cooling bills each summer. Energy efficient windows are a smart and valuable investment for every homeowner, and a good way to make your home more environmentally friendly.

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The Benefits of Installing Energy Efficient Windows

Homeowners have a lot of expenses, so we’re looking for ways to save energy and to keep our utility costs low. Installing energy efficient windows in your home does both. Window replacement can also:

  • Keep your furniture safe. Did you know that installing energy efficient windows can protect your couches and floors? It’s true. UV rays can cause your curtains, furnishings and floors to fade in color. Newer windows block that from happening.
  • Give your heater and air conditioner a break. One of the ways to save energy new windows provide is by controlling the differences in temperature between the inside and the outside of your house. New windows keep the heat inside during the winter, and cut the amount of solar radiation that comes through in the summer. This, in turn, keep the temperature from fluctuating so much inside the house ­– which eliminates the need for your heater or air conditioning unit to run constantly just to keep your home at the same temperature. It also eliminates hot spots and drafts.
  • Reduce noise pollution. New windows can muffle loud noises such as passing cars or trains. It’s just another added benefit of having energy efficient windows.
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If you’re looking for ways to save energy in your home, new windows are key. The added benefits are like a reward for making such a smart decision about maintaining your house.

Knowing When to Replace Windows Can Lower Energy Usage

Total window replacement is a big investment, both in time and expense. Knowing when to replace windows that are failing is important, because it allows you to make the decision at the right time. It might be time to call a window contractor about installing new windows if:

  • Your windows are at least 15 years old, the average lifespan of windows
  • Condensation is starting to build up on your sills, on the windows or inside the panes themselves
  • Your curtains are blowing even though the window is closed, which indicates a draft
  • There are broken, cracked or “sliding” panes
  • You’re having difficulty opening or closing the windows, or getting them to lock or unlock
  • Your heating or cooling bills have increased by a noticeable amount

There are many ways to save energy, but few are as beautiful – or as beneficial – as installing new windows in your home. Today’s energy efficient windows can lead to big savings, but also help you lower your energy usage, making your home more eco-friendly. Whether you’re “going green” or simply looking for a change, it might be time to call a window contractor to discuss your options.